Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awesome Movie Alert: Mohandas

I saw an AMAZING movie at the San Francisco International Film Festival tonight -- which made up for the crappy movie I saw last night. The masterpiece I saw is called Mohandas, and it comes from India. It plays like a mix between Kafka's The Trial, Ain't Easy Being Green, and Slumdog Millionaire. Go see it! Now!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Taco Bell Conundrum: Problem Solved!

With so many amazing, locally owned restaurants in my area, I always felt guilty whenever I had a craving for Taco Bell. But today, I again succumbed.

However, as I was handed my take-out bag (with its chicken burrito, nachos, chicken soft taco, and crunchy taco), I looked up as I thanked the man behind the counter. His nametag read "Juan Gomez, Manager/Owner."

In my 20+ years as a fast food eater, I have not once seen the proprietor or franchisee of a national fast food chain inside his or her own establishment. And beyond that, the fact that Juan Gomez physically served me, left me flabbergasted.

Was Juan's presence inside his Taco Bell the result of the economic downturn so he could pay for one fewer employee? Who knows?

Nonetheless, I can now return to Taco Bell without being racked with guilt, as I know that Juan Gomez is a real person whose livelihood depends on my consuming more of his fast food.

P.S. - My return to providing fast food commentary is strikingly similar to my writing during my first attempts at blogging in high school, when (now defunct) was a major part of my life.