Sunday, March 1, 2009

Death of the mainstream media...

In the past week, America has learned of the sudden collapse of many forms of mainstream media. While I lament this, I believe that mainstream news sources have been digging their own graves in one specific aspect of their coverage: Profiles of individuals who have been adversely affected by the current recession.

If I read another story about a family with 9 kids whose sole income provider was laid off from his job at a tool manufacturing plant, and then found a part-time work as a janitor, only to be laid off again, I think I'll blow my top.

These stories all take for granted that every individual who is laid off is a not only an excellent worker, but also an excellent human being. Even when the economy is great, people get fired for not performing at certain levels and laid off when their jobs are made redundant. Do journalists acknowledge that prior to the "downturn," some unqualified people were being grossly overpaid at their jobs? Not in any article that I've read.

I know what you're thinking: Was there one article that caused this outlandish outburst from me? Absolutely. Here it is, today's #1 most e-mailed article from the New York Times.

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