Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ambulance Chasers

For the past week, I've been immersed in the book A Civil Action. Some parts of this award-winning work of non-fiction have given me a new degree of respect for lawyers, specifically lawyers who specialize in personal injury. The main reason for this is that personal injury lawyers oftentimes take on cases for zero upfront pay, gambling that a jury will rule in their favor, or more likely, that they will be able to settle with the defendant.

Just when I began to think that personal injury lawyers provided essential services to those in need, I came across a CNN article about a drunk man who lost his leg when a New York City subway ran him over after he fell into the tracks. For this idiot, Dustin Dibble, 25, I have no sympathy, as blood tests confirmed that he consumed more than twice the legal limit of alcohol prior to falling onto the tracks. And now a New York jury has awarded him more than two million dollars.

MTA, you better appeal this one, and you better appeal it good, because I don't know too many New Yorkers who want to see their tax dollars going toward paying yet another criminal who games the system.

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