Tuesday, December 23, 2008


In my sincere attempts to maintain a hard-line of frugality, I must inform you of deals to be had:

1. Goodwill: I purchased a pair of NEW (with the tag on) H&M jeans for exactly $7.99. They fit perfectly, and my only complaint is that they've got a button-fly.

2. Local Produce: For the past couple of months, I regularly heard a funny horn on an almost daily basis from outside my window. I never knew what this sound symbolized. This sentiment changed when I happened to be entering my residence as a "produce truck" parked in front of my building. As the horn rang, local residents emerged from their enclaves to purchase everything from avocados to eggs to grapes to onions to strawberries. And the prices (ostensibly because Miguel, the proprietor doesn't pay taxes....but that's another story) are significantly cheaper than the supermarkets. Supporting the little man makes me feel good.

3. I'll save the best for last. There are certain secrets in life that you don't want to let out easily. So, if you live in Southern California and are reading this, think of this as my holiday present to you (for the next five yeas), because it will surely save you tons of money in the future. The One Dollar Book Store has been one of my secrets for the past couple of months. Every single book inside these stores costs $1...!!! It still amazes me how DOZENS of people ask the cashier, "Is this book only a dollar?" when dozens of signs are posted around the store indicating that EVERYTHING costs a dollar....sure the store could be more organized and requires some good eyes to spot exactly what you're looking for, but truth be told, there's no better deal on earth.

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