Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Get fired up!

There are certain injustices in society that get me FIRED UP! Without beating a dead horse, the trials and tribulations of Carl Romanelli are examples of what makes me ANGRY!

I was recently looking for ways to finance my own television show and learned about the wonders of public access television. As of 2008, Los Angeles has one of the best public access programs in the country, enabling thousands of people to produce their own shows. However, I am LIVID because this is all going to change come January 1st, 2009 because of the combined efforts of sleezy Los Angeles politicians and Time-Warner Cable.

Please read this LA WEEKLY ARTICLE about the ongoing problems and let me know of any ways you think that these injustices can be fought!

*In my first move as Citizen Morsels of Los Angeles, I made an emphatic request for a meeting with my local City Councilman...if he doesn't help me out, I WILL run against him in next year's election!

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