Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I gave myself 24 hours before I quit using CNN and read this article about middle-class Americans shopping in thrift stores. I have always shopped in thrift stores simply because you can find better items at 5% of their retail price. My mother hates this habit because I've brought home loads and loads of junk over the years, but I can't resist irresistible bargains.

Advertisement: An ad came up on Facebook looking for sperm donors. I am considering partaking in this activity because I will be getting paid to masturbate three times a week. It pays nearly as much as Endeavor and is infinitely more pleasurable and infinitely less time consuming. However, there are some moral implications that I may have to deal with...I am contemplating such implications at this time. By donating sperm would I be performing a good deed or will I always wonder who these little Morsels of Morsels are running around LA?

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Anonymous said...

Plus its a way to have sex with exponentially more women.