Sunday, September 7, 2008

There's no place like home!

After traveling across an Indian Reservation that amounted to a hundred miles of nothingness, we landed in the Yakima Valley. We rushed to our new home at the Bella Vista apartment complex. Upon arrival in Richland, it was clear: Most of this town has been built in the past ten years. It's a cookie-cutter suburb (of no city) in the worst possible sense. There are tons of fresh apartment complexes and huge stucco homes everywhere, and many of the apartments sit vacant. There are multiple Starbucks, a Wal-Mart (purchasing an aero-bed and some silverware was my first experience inside this monolith), Target, Bonefish Grill, and dozens and dozens of other suburban entities...oh yeah, and there are four casinos IN TOWN...more on this in just a moment.

So, Gliner and I moved into an UNFURNISHED 2 BR APARTMENT...we don't plan to furnish it much...pretty much we can turn our main room into a floor hockey rink and sleep on aero-beds.

I was intent on hitting the town on a Saturday night so see what this area was made of, so convinced Gliner to go out despite him objecting to all of my clothing as too LA for this hick town. I remembered reading about a brew-pub called The Atomic Brewery (many establishments in this area make mention of nuclear energy in their names because the Tri-Cities was home to the Hanford Nuclear Reactor until it was shut down in 1988). The home-brewed porter did not disappoint and a bowl of potato chowder was out of this world. The only weird thing was that Gliner and I were the only two patrons in the restaurant on a Saturday night at 9. This ebabled us to ask our waiter a ton of questions about the area.

This new-found waiter-patron friendship proved itself to be fortuitous after Gliner left a large tip and upon exiting the restaurant we realized that he forgot to shut the lights off on my car, thus draining the battery. Waiter Man came to the rescue and gave me the jump-start I needed. I promised Gliner I'd give him ten minutes in a casino after dinner, so I waited in the car while he disappointingly found out that the Texas Hold Em game at Casino #1 was way too expensive for him to afford...we went for a drink at a sports bar, but felt completely out of place amongst the locals. This bar lasted ten minutes and we were ready to call it an anti-social-depressing night, when we stumbled upon a second casino less than one mile from our new pad.

We decided to go in, if only to look around. This place was much more trendy and welcoming than the previous shady casino that Gliner ventured into earlier. Gliner is a gambler, and I am not, so he sat down at a table. I went home to sleep, and told him to call me to pick him up when he was done. In 2 hours he finished with an extra $420 extra in his hands. I am seriously suggesting that he play poker here 7 nights a week, because I think he has what it takes to bluff his way through the locals and make thousands of dollars...

Today I took a shot at purchasing a second aero-bed, since the one I bought yesterday completely deflated, meaning I slept all night on the floor.

I'm now going for a haircut and praying that our wine job that starts tomorrow is as promising as I hope it will be!

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