Thursday, September 4, 2008

Live from Oregon...

So we picked up Snider and instantly I created a monster...a life-long friendship between Sarena Snider and Jeff Gliner, an odd-couple indeed. Both of them immediately bonded over calling me neurotic about my car being clean and the navigator correctly operating the GPS but their similarities stop there. Snider is modest whereas Giner is an overexaggerater. Gliner a right-winger, Snider leaning left. As I speak, they are picking out mates for one another on Facebook while I liveblog from The Campbell House in Eugene, Oregon. Gliner, the classic overexaggerator says "I can tell which region of Russia any Russian girl is from." This newly formed couple love to criticize my driving, so yesterday, I gave up and let the two of them drive. Snider doesn't read in cars and Gliner is illiterate, so this option worked out well as I am the only person capable of barking directions and selecting places of interest along our South-North journey.

After Snider dropped her Blackberry in the toilet (which I think is generally a good thing, as the dynamic duo have spent no less than 39 hours of the trip so far clutching those evil fruity devices) we were forced to detour to an AT&T store in Petaluma, CA that enabled Gliner to fervently criticize Noah's Bagels for not spreading the cream cheese for you but rather providing customers with side dishes of cream cheese.

Eventually, around 9:00PM we made it to the Oregon border after driving through tons of scenic and windy roads filled with nothing but trees, ocean, wineries, trees, ocean, wineries, etc.

We wound up in a sleepy harbor called Brookings, Oregon, just a few miles over the border where we found a motel suite (this is not an oxy-moron) and spent the night...I typically account for Snider taking numerous hours in the morning to get ready, so my 7AM wake-up call meant we were on the road at about 9:40.

A highlight of today (besides the natural wonders of rock formations along the beach and encounters with wild sea lions) included Snider receiving a BOGUS speeding ticket in the pathetic coastal town of Port Orford, Oregon. The cops were utter scoundrels taking advantage o my out-of-state license plates, and falsely claimed that she'd been going 90-100 reality, 50 in a 30 was more likely...the cop, being "nice" reduced the violation to 54 in a 30 - still a $242 ticket...sounds like a pretty fishy, random number for a summons if you ask that such things are out of my system...

Reporting live from Eugene, Oregon...tomorrow we will likely take on more of the Willamette Valley, Corvallis and Salem, before making our way to lively Portland by dinner time.

Tasting note: Now that Gliner and I work in "the industry" - nope, not the entertainment industry, but rather the wine industry, we get 30% discounts on wine at wineries...woo woo!

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