Sunday, September 7, 2008

End of the road...

After trekking North from Eugene and stopping at a few wineries along the way, we made it to Portland. Initial observations indicated that Portland was tiny. These observations were absolutely correct. At my insistence we ventured to Jake's Famous Crawfish (only upon Googling it just now for the link did I realize that this place is a subsidiary of McCormick & Schmick's...that just brought it down 5 points out of 10) for one of the best happy hour's on earth - tons of FULL PLATES OF FOOD for $2.

The most obvious observation from visiting Portland is how liberal this town is. It is CRAZY LIBERAL. More than 60% of the population are hipsters! Tattoos and cycles abound.

We met up with Sarena's friend Jessi and her boyfriend Doug and had good times in the city's Southeast quadrant. We went to a bar that gave me a ridiculously good salmon/bacon burger accompanied by clam chowder for $7.50. Portland is a budget foodie's haven. I also kind of love Oregon because there's no sales tax.

After a full night of spooning with Gliner on Doug's futon, we went to the Portland Saturday Market that featured a wide array of impressive crafts that I would never want to purchase until I am at least 40 years old. As fate had it, we stumbled upon a sushi establishment that offered $1.25 plates all day Saturday. The whole place was a sushi bar and a model train rolled around in circles carrying plates of sushi on each car in conveyor belt form. For $15.00 I was stuffed!

After lunch we figured we'd go fishing...but we couldn't find any good places as we headed inland into Northeastern Oregon along the Columbia River, so we headed straight to the Tri-Cities (Richland, Kennewick, Pasco) - the place that we planned to soon call home...

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