Thursday, September 11, 2008

East meets West - A quick political analysis...

Politically, Oregon and Washington are very interesting states. In the Eastern portions of both states, cities like Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Eugene consistently vote with Democrats and are some of the most liberal places in America. However, across the Cascade Mountain Range, things are quite different. Here in the Tri-Cities, I haven’t seen a single piece of Obama flair, whereas on our trek up the coast I saw a total of one anti-Obama bumper sticker and a plethora of pro-Obama wears. This political divide can best be illustrated in Washington’s 2004 gubernatorial election where the counties in and around Seattle voted overwhelmingly for Democrat Christine Gregoire and everywhere else in the state voted overwhelmingly for Republican Dino Rossi. The final vote (after legal flights reminiscent of the 2000 Presidential Recount) was 1,373,361 to 1,373,232 in favor of Gregoire, a difference of merely 129 votes. Since we arrived in the Tri-Cities, I’ve heard a ton of anti-Seattle (and Eastern Washington) propaganda which contrasts the hoopla we heard about this part of Washington as pure hick-ville from those we met in Eastern Oregon on our way up here.


Henk said...

Hey Steve! You can very well transfer you quick political analysis of Oregan and Washington to any other western state/country: The urban crowd is liberal and the country bumpkin is conservative. The less contact to the outside world, the more..

Anyway, nice to know that you're still in the journalism thing.. although I already hoped for the blockbuster or addictive series that is written by you – I could show off in front of my friends then. You know, like 'I knew him when he..'

Best regards, Hendrik

Ruben Brosbe said...

those cities you mentioned are only "eastern" in relation to where you are right now. portland, eugene, seattle and tacoma are all in the western portions of their states. i'm sure you noticed this while navigating your way on your road trip?