Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dan, you're killing me!

I woke up this morning (4 minutes ago) with a fresh message in my Facebook inbox from my good friend Dan Officer...

Hola Steve,

I am taking a break from my paper and surfing the internet and I just stumbled across to read what is new in the life of Steve. Anyway, I appreciate the site at the end of your article on leaving Norwich. But, more to the point, I saw that you mentioned trying to get in touch with Bill Bryson but failed. Too bad that you didn't tell me this a week or so ago as I personally know Bill Bryson as he used to live in Hanover and, in high school, I ran cross country with his daughter and his son used to be best friends with my youngest brother. Anyway, yeah he lives like 10 miles from here, just outside of Wyndomham (or however it is spelled. We could have chilled with him and the fam for a night.

Anyway, I hope that London and Spain are fun. Be sure to get in touch when you are planning to come to New Hampshire. It will be real.

Talk to you soon and goodbye.


I must admit though, now that I see how EASY it would have been to befriend Bill Bryson, it makes my adventure to try to track him down much less exciting!

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Mike Pence said...

I was in a bookstore here recently and I stumbled upon a recently published/printed book by him, and it said that he no longer lives in England, but has moved back to N.H. So I'm wondering if the chance to meet him never existed for you.