Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Age of Berlusconi: No right-winger can cure laziness!

Having spent a considerable amount of time in Italy, I say with certainty that Italians are lazy. Coming from a family that's 50% Italian-American, I'm allowed to say that without being considered a racist. In many ways Italy is a third world country compared to its European counterparts, and when I become frustrated there (as I often do) I blurt things out in Italian like "all the smart Italians immigrated to America a hundred years ago leaving only the bottom of the barrel left."

Though Italians are expected to WORK just like everyone else in this world, half the time they are on smoking breaks, sometimes they don't even show up for work, they take four hour long afternoon siestas, and when they are "working" it's at a snail's pace. This is a major difference between Italy and Spain. Spain has a reputation for being a lazy country, but I think it's unwarranted, especially relative to Italy. In Spain shops and other workplaces may only be open from 10-2 and again from 4:00-6:00, but during that time the people actually do work!

Today, Silvio Berlusconi won the election to be Italy's Prime Minister, but I guarantee you he won't be able to change very much, because Italians of working age care about only the FOUR F'S: FASHION, FAMILY, FOOD AND FUCKING. I assure you Italians spend disgustingly high proportion of their income on clothing (most of it weird and horrid) and this absolutely revolts me.

Also, for all the Rico Sauve type men out there who pray on any American females (sizes and looks don't matter) who wash up on Italian shores, and there are literally millions of them out there, most of these dudes still live with their mothers! How pathetic! Seriously, every Italian you meet lives with their parents until they're like 40!

Because Italy is a nightmare of a country, they reduce train fares for about three weeks prior to any election, which allowed me to accrue loads of savings last week, but I can only imagine the economic losses that such a policy results in! Would America ever think of reducing nationwide travel costs for three weeks prior to November 5?

Yesterday, I went to Cinema City to see the film Mio Fratello e Figlio Unico (My Brother Is An Only Child) that discusses so many of the issues that currently plague Italy, but the thing is that this movie was set in the damn 1960s and very little has changed since then! The film received amazing reviews, and I think it's good for someone unfamiliar with the Italian way of life, but I wouldn't say that it's something to write home about...well, maybe I will write home to my mother because she speaks Italian and loves Italian cinema, but that's the exception.

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