Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chugging along

A belated Happy Easter to those who celebrate the cause. I've just returned from a lovely long weekend in Surrey with an excursion to Brighton...celebrating Easter, watching the film Elizabeth Town (twice), Sunset Boulevard (thrice) and Alec Sokolow's masterpiece Toy Story (merely once). I also learned that British food is good when homemade!

The name change: Apparently Sidney Morsels sounds more like the name of my cock (and I don't mean the poultry kind) than it does for a person...new suggestions before I hit Hollywood are welcome.

I've been working and writing quite a bit (multiple projects) and trying to get my act together...don't expect regular updates anytime soon...

I'm off to Portugal from the 30th of March through April 3rd and on a Mediterranean cruise to Genoa, Salerno, Livorno, Sicily, Malta, Tunisia, and Sardinia from April 4-12...on April 29 my plan is to return home to the States...so if you know of any amazing jobs in LA, let me know! And if you're in the NY region, let's hang out.

This weekend promises to be interesting as an old friend from Ireland is in town, and she's taking me to some Oxford/Cambridge boat races.

Wow, this was my most perfunctory post ever.

New favorite words: Creme de la creme and panache.