Friday, February 29, 2008

Where have I been?

What prompted me to take a hiatus from were many factors...

1. I went back home/to Israel during Xmas break and had a change of heart about staying in Britain for the long-term...America needs me, badly (or so I like to think).

2. I was "fired" from blogging at The reality, I just wrote whatever I wanted 3 times per day and got paid per post. It lasted a few months and really wasn't that bad of a gig, but the economic downturn caused them significant budget cuts, and bloggers seem the most expendable in such situations.

3. I've become disenchanted with American politics. Maybe it's that I've been away so long, but it seems like the same crap over and over again...There seems to be no originality in every campaign and everything is controlled by low blows and soundbites. It's pretty horrible how little room there is for creativity on the campaign trail...the ideas that I have for today's politicians that I'll never get to share with them because they are entrenched in their old ways are absurd...which leads me to:

4. Los Angeles, here I come. Politics may be put on hold until I turn 25 and can legally run for the House of Representatives as a delegate representing the South Shore of Long Island...until then, I'm going to follow my passion and "make it" in the entertainment biz, whatever that means. My goal is to be a paid writer/producer asap, let's see how long it takes. What Makes Morsels Run?

4b. I've been using my time and energy to write, write, write. By the time I make it to LA, I want to have a decent and diverse portfolio that is up to Hollywood professional standards.

Additionally, I've traveled to some great places in the past month or so: Krakow/Auschwitz (a bit too depressing in general, but I did eat at a fantastic sushi restaurant when I realized that Polish cuisine is almost as bad as British cuisine - with the exception of pirogis), Berlin (see previous post), and Madrid/Seville/Cordoba with my mom and sister. Good times all around. I am a Europe aficionado, and could never have become a master of this terrain without Rick Steves. My plan is to move back to the States in late April and then head out West within a month. I will miss Europe and its many offerings, but I've still got two months to enjoy my remaining time, knowing that I'm sure I'll be back soon.

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