Monday, January 14, 2008

Morsels back again, check it and direct and let's begin!

It's been quite some time Morse fans, but I have returned...blogging on the road is no simple task, and when it comes down to working for the £ or working for free, well, let's just say I'm a sellout...but let's make up for lost time:


The normally glamorous (and debaucherous) ceremonies and accompanying parties to celebrate the Golden Globes have, because of the Writer's Guild Strike, been reduced to a mere press conference with a bunch of foreign reporters (like those from the Hindustan Times) miserably clapping on que while they are hopelessly dreaming about over-the-top after-parties that would have been...bumping lines with Lindsay Lohan, smoking chronic with Snoop, and observing Mel Gibson becoming boisterously intoxicated. Kudos to Atonement for grabbing top honors, but seriously, how much would it suck if you were an up and coming star and you couldn't even publicly celebrate your win because you fear you'll be blackballed from ever working in the industry again by a few nerdy writers? (Note: I am a nerdy writer, and I assure you that if I headed this Guild, I wouldn't penalize people for partying on an award's night. So remember, in a few years, vote Stephen "Sidney Morsels" Morse to be your next WGA West President.)


Since the McCain-Feingold bipartisan campaign finance reform bill from a few years ago, individuals have been limited to donating $2,300 to an individual candidate during the primary election season and an additional $2,300 during the general election. The web site enables you, me, and everyone we know to track the monetary campaign donations of any American who has contributed to a political campaign or party - whether they donated $1 or have contributed the maximum amount of money...well, Hollywood has been quite generous to the 2008 Presidential candidates, and this is before the stars hit the campaign trail... Obviously the overwhelming majority of cash is going to Democrats - hence the Hollywood Liberal designation....Someone affiliated with Chris Dodd's campaign must havetons of Hollywood connections because he's been the recipient of tons of Hollywood cash - or the stars have second homes in Connecticut...I noticed Paul Simon dropped the maximum $4,600 for Dodd, and then also noticed via Wikipedia that Dodd dated Carrie Fisher (Simon's first wife) for a time...Adam Sandler supports GOP Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels hedged his bets between Dodd and current GOP frontrunner John McCain...other than that, the GOP isn't being helped too much by the celebrosphere.


hile shopping at the Chappelfield Mall in Norwich, I noticed something: Prices were down, down, down! As I was perusing a sale rack, some little bugger saddled up beside me and said to his mate, "My aunt bought me that shirt for Christmas but didn't give it to me until yesterday. It's only five quid. I knew she was poor as hell." He just about hit the nail on the head in terms of analyzing the price, but not necessarily his aunt's economic status. Auntie Aunt may not be poor, but simply intelligent. If one could hold out for a mere two weeks after Christmas, they would get five or ten times the value for their money. That's what I did this year, (call me narcissistic, but I love to be pampered, and I love myself) as today was my first annual 20 Days After Christmas Shopping Spree. I purchased a coat for a mere £10 - down from £70. I liked one sweater at H&M so much that I bought two of them - at only £5 each. And rummaging through a bin of items on sale for £1 at Top Man resulted in two miraculous finds: 1 belt and a fanny pack (or bum bag as you people over here call them) - and yes, I am a fashionisto, and I will make the bum bag this spring's hottest accessory. Was discovering this brilliant-value-gold-mine worth the wait? Yout betcha!

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