Friday, December 21, 2007

yeah yeah yeah (but not how Usher says it)

Note- I am typing on a German kezboard for the umteenth time so excuse the typos!!!

So last night, after driving through the length of Eastern Austria we arrived in Salzburg, which begs the question - Why is Salzburg still called Salzburg in German but Vienna is called Wien...if I knew how to type a question mark on this keyboard, I would.

We found a cute little hotel that I will proudly advertise...

This morning's breakfast buffet was out of this world with about 15 types of cheese and even more varieties of ham and bread and chocolate. For that alone, this place was worth the 120 euro room.

Then, we took the famous Sound of Music Tour, and now I can't get the songs from this movie-musical out of my head, which means I should probably go see it in London next week or something. My mother told me I had to take this tour, so I did, and her advice didn't let me down.

After strolling through Christmas markets and cute little streets, we booked it to Vienna, where I have just arrived.


The British are reticent in times of trouble or frustration, and I've been worried lately that in situations where I should speak my mind, that I too am keeping hush and turning my head the other way- Today in Salzburg, for the first 10 minutes of my Sound of Music bus tour, a passenger sitting directly behind me would not get off his mobile was rude and irritating, but as I was surrounded by Brits, I wasn't shocked at all that nobody would speak up and say something...and now having adopted many British cultural attributes, I, formerly a loud-mouthed New Yorker said nothing at all in response to this behavior. But just now, waiting for the lone computer in the hotel lobby (I decided to leave the laptop at home)...a German woman was using the computer for some 30 minutes...I asked her how much longer she would be on, and she said 10 minutes, after 20, I was fed up enough...and then I politely said something and she left...but I feel like my Brit friends would be waiting here for hours before they spoke up (if ever at all)!

England: Urban Socialite in the Sticks Part 3

OK, so attending a 12-person Christmas dinner with my classmates two nights ago at a decent Indian restaurant in town. Before any food arrived at our table, and when my wine-partner and I had each poured the first class of a bottle that we had split, our waiter decides to shake things up a bit...literally, and he moves our table over 8 inches to make room for another unexpected group of guests. But in the process of moving this hunk of oak, he completely spills our bottle of wine, and until I can turn it upright *thankfully without any damage to clothing* at least three glasses have been lost. In America, a new bottle would appear on the table within seconds of a staff member committing such a faux-pas, no questions asked. And one could also expect a free dessert or discount on the bill as a result of such a calamity. However, in England, this apparently isn't the case. The waiter never bothered to bring a new bottle, or even acknowledge that he had massively screwed up. After a significant amount of BEGGING, I was given two replacement glasses of wine, filled with the crap house wine that probably sat in an opened barrel for years before...I was astonished by this experience, as my British friends wrote this off by saying, "Welcome to Britain. You're lucky you got any replacement for the wine at all." WOW!

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