Friday, December 21, 2007

So many flurries: It's a blizzard out there!

ENGLAND - PART OF SERIES: Urban Socialite in the Sticks

Attending school at UEA in Norwich has informed me of life as a rural hick for the first time since five years ago when I tried and failed to be a student at Cornell University, stuck in the heart of upstate New York wastelands. I have realized that in many ways I am living in a backward society....this could not have been more true today when I boarded the train that was supposed to take me to Stansted Airport, but the conductor decided that such a stop would not be necessary, forcing me all the way back to Norwich from a place called Brummel (luckily I made my flight...) So in Brummel, I see that there is actually a man who has the job of opening and closing a gigantic wooden gate that covers the train tracks before each train passes by...this is a bit absurd, given that America and presumably the rest of the 1st world have had the technology for ages to have electronic barriers that open and close automatically as trains approach - what century is this place called Norfolk stuck in?


I am reporting live from Slovenia, it is 5am, and the clubs are still rocking strong...with my cousin (a film industry prof.) and a friend from the UK we are taking this small town by storm...tonight we wound up at a club called BACCHUS where we intermingled with the Slovenian Elite (this phrase is not an oxz moron I assure you) - once again I am having the same keyboard troubles I had in Germany as the Y and Z key are switched making life hellish at best...tomorrow we are off to Lake Bled, but on a whim, we have decided to spend the night in Salzburg, Austria...more updates on this adventure soon.PS - tonight we were taken under the wing of an American Air Force Major who has a Slovenian wife, and despite her cheating on him, we learned that he is one of the world's foremost world war 1 experts...lots more cool stuff to come.


After arriving back from a hard night of clubbing and general debauchery *read...I went out with my cousin Lindsey and my friend Travis last night, and each of them quickly found a candidate to make sweet Eastern European love to early in the night leaving me to get way too drunk while I had to try not to barf from watching them make out with their respective new friends...enough of we are staying at this crazy hostel that becomes a bar all night and is generally overflowing with random people, mostly locals, this morning, after I woke up in a sloshy mix of hangover and sweat I realized that I had forgotten my sweater *aka my jumper* on the seat beside the very public computer that I am using to post right now...I first chastised my cousin for making me take my sweater back when at 4AM I told her to part from her new lover as we had a big day ahead of us causing her to throw a typical drunken fit that she would obviously forget about in the morning...the sweater has been through a lot with me, making it my number one travel companion, and I knew that surviving the night in a very open area of an Eastern *believe me this is not Central* European Hostel...but alas, as I sprinted out of my room in my boxer shorts, upon dreaming the loss of my sweater, there it was, hung over on the chair where I left if four hours before. Phew...