Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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They said it couldn't be done, but I knew the geniuses at Google were capable of anything short of achieving fission...and it's finally here: GCHAT has now officially been integrated with AIM. Goodbye Adium! Hello hours upon hours per day of employees jerking around while they're supposed to be doing work...the net loss to the global economy from this invention will probably be something like billions of dollars per day. Ah, maybe they'll create a sequel to Office Space too!


There have been many games that I've wasted hundreds, if not thousands of hours playing during my life. Luckily, my parents never allowed me to own video games, otherwise it could have been much worse. But between Sim City 2000, Flight Simulator '98, Snake, Slingo, Scattergories and more, games will inevitably hold some place in my leisure time (read: procrastination time) for years to come. I came across the website, and I am amazingly impressed. Not only can I improve my vocabulary, but I am giving to charity (though 10 grains of rice per correct answer, even at high levels, seems a bit silly). This is the first good thing that has come out of the United Nations in decades.

AMENDMENT: Good thing's come from Penn too.

Yesterday, I bitched and moaned (albeit in a lighthearted way) about bad press that the University of Pennsylvania was receiving...But, when I woke up today, there were two shining stars above my head. First, a New York Times article about how writers find a haven in the middle of a large University where they are many times overshadowed by the Wharton School of Business. The second gem, this one is REALLLY cool to me, especially during the holiday season was an op-ed piece written by a columnist at my former haunt, The Daily Pennsylvanian. Jim Saska enlightened me by writing about a marvelous program that enables people to purchase laptops for a mere $200, so long as they donate a second laptop of equal value to a child in an impoverished nation. So for $400 - that's less than £200 - you can get a new computer AND open up a new world for a poor kid.

CNN and Brookings are SOOOO DUMB!

CNN decided to publish a list of America's Most Walkable Cities based on a study created by The Brookings Institution:


1. Washington
2. Boston, Massachusetts
3. San Francisco, California
4. Denver, Colorado
5. Portland, Oregon
6. Seattle, Washington
7. Chicago, Illinois
8. Miami, Florida
9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10. New York
11. San Diego, California
12. Los Angeles, California
13. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
14. Atlanta, Georgia
15. Baltimore, Maryland
16. St. Louis, Missouri
17. Minneapolis, Minnesota
18. Detroit, Michigan
19. Columbus, Ohio
20. Las Vegas, Nevada
21. Houston, Texas
22. San Antonio, Texas
23. Kansas City, Missouri
24. Orlando, Florida
25. Dallas, Texas
26. Phoenix, Arizona
27. Sacramento, California
28. Cincinnati, Ohio
29. Cleveland, Ohio
30. Tampa, Florida

IN WHAT WORLD IS LOS ANGELES A WALKABLE CITY? WERE THE AUTHORS OF THIS STUDY SMOKING CRACK? DID GENERAL MOTORS AND FORD CO-FINANCE THIS COMEDIC PIECE OF RESEARCH? As a former resident of Philadelphia who never once needed a car (and usually walked everywhere), I am shocked that this study was even published.

Penn in the news.

It always makes you glad when your reputable alma mater produces a fair share of criminals. Last year, I tracked down convicted sex offenders on campus. In the year prior to that one professor was convicted of rape and another of sexually abusing kids. But in the past week, the University of Pennsylvania has produced some new names for the FBI's 10 most wanted list: A Bonnie & Clyde-like duo as well as a worldwide computer hacker. I can only imagine what gossip I will hear next...


Mike Pence said...

Dude. L.A. is a totally walkable city. Have you never been there. If you have like 3 days to spare you could totally walk all through L.A. The study should be the "Most Walkable Cities in 3 Days".

Rob said...

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