Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Another grandiose flurry.

Flying home on Xmas...some Freakonomics of my own.

Cost/benefit analysis.That's what I'm constantly running inside my head. Ever since taking a basic economic course in high school my ways of thinking have been transformed. I'm flying home on Christmas Day, saving £90 over the next cheapest flight. However, I failed to realize that public transportation in this country does not exist on December 25th, meaning that I will have to make the journey from Norwich to Heathrow on the 24th. So as not to really financially screw myself by spending a night in a hotel, I will be camping out in Heathrow with my IPod, some reading material, and my laptop (to document the experience). It's been done by me before - once in Brussels, once in Pisa (where the airport closes at midnight and reopens at 5am, forcing me to sleep outside) and once in Rome (where I built an elaborate fort out of luggage with some friends). Luckily, for novices sleeping in airports (or other transport points), the good ole internet has made life much easier. is my go-to-source for all things necessary to make a budget night a truly magnificent experience. If you ever find yourself with an early morning flight or tight on the budget, please take this site's advice first.

I'm probably not a criminal...but maybe I am.

Ever since TVLinks was taken down a couple of months ago, a void was left unfilled for other similar sites to take its place. Well kids, I've found the answer: I feel ok about myself watching episode after episode of Entourage (I watched six episodes yesterday and now I'm completely up to date with the series), because I know I didn't download anything. I just watched a streaming video, as I would on YouTube. Is it moral to do this to the broadcast companies? Probably not. But until I've got a significant income to purchase every DVD I could ever dream of, Sidereel takes the cake in terms of cost, effectiveness, and ease of use - as I don't even have to get out of bed to have whatever entertainment I want on demand.

Good food in Norwich? Nah

The struggle to find good food in Norwich has really been getting to me. A friend told me a great theory: For every mile you travel outside of London, the food is equivalent to British cuisine from that many years ago. Thus, Norwich is 115 miles from London, so the food is about as good as British cuisine was in the year 1892. I have found but a few standout places to dine at thus far. None offer British cuisine. All offer tapas (meaning if you don't like one dish you can easily get over your flawed decision-making). So, when you want to take that trip to lovely Norwich for a weekend out of the city, stop by Torrero (Spanish Tapas), Baba Ghanoush (Mediterranean fare), and Shiki (Japanese).

Limited, Darjeeling that is.

The Darjeeling Limited and I got along great. I still have that song stuck in my head - Peter Sarstedt's Where do you go to my lovely?

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