Monday, November 5, 2007

Minimalist No Longer

NOTE: THIS WAS WRITTEN 3 DAYS AGO PRIOR TO DEPARTING FOR LONDON... new posts regarding my experiences from filming LAST CHANCE HARVEY on their way.

Most people decorate their bedroom. I am usually most people, but upon arriving in the UK, i decided I would be a minimalist and resist even putting one bit of time/energy/money into decorating the room I am living in. Fortunately it is a HUGE, sun-filled room in a brand new house, so it's not like I'm staring at fungus growing from the walls. But this morning, a friend commented that I had the most boring room ever. I wanted to reply, "It's the the man that makes the room, not the room that makes the man" but I knew deep down she was right. As I was riding my bike through Norwich, I stumbled upon a store called Artique that was liquidating their stock of prints, originals, and everything in between because they are undergoing massive renovations starting Monday. I siezed this opportunity to turn my room from prison cell to shrine in a matter of minutes. I've now got more spunk than I'd ever dreamed of - a Roy Lichtenstein on one wall, a couple of Patrick Ciranna's works, and a Chris Bennett glossy piece. I even have some huge African themed pointilist work featuring a native woman rowing a raft along a river. And though these prints were valued at more than 20 pounds each, every one of them was marked down to one pound! For a fiver, I made out like an all-star. Oh yeah, and I picked up a copy of Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits record at the Salvation Army for 50p and used the album cover as a piece of fine art. This is a fanciful tribute to my one of my favorite musical artists and the guy who rode his wave to stardom.


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