Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm no rocket scientist but I'm in love.

I love the movie Rocket Science.

I am not usually the person who will see a movie twice, but I loved this flick so much when I saw it in Philly this summer that I knew I just had to see it again when it came over to the UK. And watching it a second time was just as rewarding, as I picked up on many new concepts - for instance, the guy from Superbad has a small part.

And the film is doing really well on Rotten Tomatoes too, which in my humble opinion is a very accurate indicator of the overall strength and quality of a film.

Oh, and I'm in love with the female lead, Anna Kendrick. But I guess Ben Stiller is also in love with her too.

But Stiller is married and I am single, so mark my words, I will find Anna Kendrick, and I will go on a date with her, as I've been dreaming of her for three months already...hopefully she's just like her character in real life. If anyone of my readers/fans know how to contact her and can hook us up, let me know!

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