Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Chance Harvey

When you've only got class one day a week, and you're in a foreign country where everything costs double what it should, you think to yourself, maybe I should get off my ass and earn a pound or two every now and then.
So you think to yourself, what job is ideal for this situation? Ideally, you would want the following traits:

1. Enough flexibility that you could scamper off to Brussels for a weekend without anyone noticing or caring that you were gone.
2. A job that is cool enough that you aren't ashamed of how you're spending your time, and possibly even proud.
3. Pays a heck-uva lot better than minimum wage.
4. Gives you the opportunity to interact with creative professionals, and perhaps even some celebrities.
5. Isn't so intense that you can't be reading/doing other work while on the job.

When I refer to "you" I clearly mean "me." And the job that I've taken on for the first time is work as a film extra. I arrived at 10AM yesterday morning on the set of Last Chance Harvey, starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson, though the latter was not present for the scenes we were shooting.

My cousin Lindsay, a film industry professional in New York gave me the following caveat: We treat extras like cattle. You will be cattle.

But for 86 pounds per day as my base pay, I think I can handle life as cattle.


Jared said...

nice job

Rob said...

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