Tuesday, November 6, 2007

DJs and DJs on set

It should be duly noted that thanks to Mr. Flatow's computer prowess, I am now able to type the £ symbol rather than writing out the word pound.

Last week, I was under the impression that I would only be permitted to work as a wedding guest in Last Chance Harvey if I owned my own tuxedo. Unfortunately, I left mine in America.

However, while at the Salvation Army picking up some Halloween goods, I came across a black tuxedo, that fit me almost perfectly, save for an extra inch on the waist that could use some suspenders to hold the pants up properly. The cost was £10, a real bargain.

Little did I know how much of a bargain it was until members of the film's costume department told me that my DJ (as they like to call it, for dinner jacket) was made in the 1960s of incredibly high strength cloth, and that this was the type of item that upper-class Brits pass down from generation to generation to generation. Looks like my kid's got his first tux, so long as he's blessed with having the same body shape as me.

Now, not only was I happy to be the proud owner of this tux, but I also learned that I was granted an additional £16 per day for supplying my own costume. Sweeeet!

Unfortunately whereas my DJ is looking good, this DJ, the one from Full House, isn't so hot these days. (Link courtesy of Lisa Friedman)

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