Thursday, November 15, 2007

Catching up

These posts are syndicated reproductions...little blurbs for the other site I'm working for:

I was fortunate enough to attend the grand reopening of Cinema City in Norwich a few weeks ago where I somehow found myself alone speaking with Shekhar Kapur while Geoffrey Rush eavesdropped on us, pretending that I'd seen Elizabeth, which at the time, I hadn't. Fast forward to yesterday...As Food/Drink editor of UEA's student newspaper, I make it my bizzzzness to acquire as many free meals as possible around town. Last night's escapade brought me back to Cinema City to eat at their amazing restaurant. This is an amazing concept that must be expanded worldwide: Movies with reasonably priced high quality restaurants. Especially when the weather is shit, the one stop shop is second to no other. And MICHAEL CLAYTON is a must see film.

The Guardian thought they had me beat by suggesting a trip to Slovenia, but little did they know, I booked my trip months ago. I'm going in mid-December, the day after I hand in my papers for class - but the thing is, I don't ski. However, the "night tobogganing" sounds like the most fun ever - and I'm getting to and from Slovenia for less than 50 quid. I've heard only great things about this gem at the crossroads of Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy - except for my friend Evan's incident where he was stuck on the side of the road for many hours last summer waiting for a replacement rental car. But that's part of the excitement. Central Europe would be Western Europe if you didn't have the spontaneous Communist-leftover failures.

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