Friday, October 12, 2007


I can't help but relive my glory days as a Food & Drink Editor - It's eternally in my spirit - and now, using the name Stevie Morse on my by-line, I will be editing the new and improved Food & Drink section for the UEA Concrete!

My course only meets on Fridays, so I am now primed for some fantastic Euro-Adventures - the first one which I will embark upon tomorrow! I am headed to Nantes, France tomorrow, and I shall return on Tuesday evening! Finally, I should be able to get my hands on some decent food at reasonable prices.

Yesterday, I helped improve Sam Walton's net worth by about $100 by going on a massive ASDA shopping spree. It was glorious!

My little bicycle is still chugging along quite nicely (don't want to jinx it). I've heard of some bicycle thives snooping around the Uni, and I pray that mine won't be next! According to Football Coach Doust - nobody would ever want to steal my bike - some may call it crap, i classify it as vintage! Speaking of football, I finally got my equipment yesterday - one word: GRRRRRRRR!

I was in the mood to have my head shaved, so my bad-ass roommate Bradley whipped out the clippers, and now I have my head shaved on a 0 (earlier this summer it was a 1, so this is just about as bald as I can be).

Time to pack and check up on airline regulations for the UK - hopefully I can get some full-sized toothpaste in my carry-on!

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