Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Settled, getting into gear.

Updates Updates Updates

1. So during the past 6 months, I could not decide whether to pursue the Creative Entrepreneurship or Creative Writing: Scriptwriting course at UEA. I wanted to enroll simultaneously in both courses, with the hopes of earning two Master's degrees this year, but I found out late last week that this was impossible. Because I feel that I should further develop my writing skills before I pimp myself out as a maverick entrepreneur, I recently elected to take the Scriptwriting course. I'm excited for this course, as I hope to pursue no less than four or five new projects this year. (Ideally, I'd like to create a sitcom, a musical, and hopefully a couple of new screenplays.) In only the first day of class, I learned many new strategies for writing that never crossed my mind in my previous ventures.

2. Tonight is the annual TOGA party at the LCR. Given that I only own one bed-sheet, and I fear that it may get drenched in a grimy mix of ale, Vodka, and the occasional Pims, so I proposed last night that we pretend we misread the invitation and thought it was a YOGA party, so spandex, mats, and a penchant for the word Tadassanah will be in order.

3. I only have class on Friday now, so I shall either find a job, or pursue numerous travels.

4. The New York Times is far superior to any British newspaper, especially in regards the in-depth level of feature stories. But I have one caveat:Whereas from 2003-2006 I loved the Styles Section, nowadays it makes me want to puke. Anyone written about in Styles pretty much makes me want to puke, as I think all of these people are leading fake, meaningless lives. Disclaimer: Occasionally, the Modern Love column is good though, especially this one from a few weeks ago.

5. On Saturday, I will be heading on a 72 hour adventure to Nantes, France. If anyone reading this has been there, please contact me at sidneymorsels at gmail.com.

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