Monday, October 29, 2007

It's getting wild! 48 hours to Halloween!

Note, it is not getting wild. The weather in Norwich has been the perfect fall weather I love since I arrived on September 3rd, nearly 60 glorious days. I am knocking wood, and then knocking wood some more that this trend continues and I haven't just jinxed it.

POLITICALLY INCORRECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME SPOILER ALERT: Do not read the following paragraph if you are interested in seeing how I am dressed on Wednesday for Halloween.

So Weinstein and I decided we'd do some type of costume extravaganza in tandom. In addition to Halloween, October 31st marks Weinstein's 23rd birthday, so I was very willing to go along with whatever mischevious plans he wanted to carry out on this day.

After contemplating some less fruitful, and less funny ideas, we turned our eyes, hearts, and minds toward pop culture, and more specifically tabloid news. The question we asked ourselves was: Who is the most frequented figure in the news these days who can also be depicted in a smashing way for Halloween?

Our answer stands at 2 ft. 3 inches tall, and could be anywhere in the world right now. Brace yourselves, and yes, we are well aware that we are going to hell for this one: Madeleine McCann

For those of you who neglect to follow the news, Little Maddy, as we affectionately call her, ha dominated headlines in Britain during the past few months. While her story is tragic, perhaps, Weinstein's portrayal of her will continue to raise awareness for her cause.

To Americans reading this who are unfamiliar with the McCanns' plight: Think English version of JonBenet Ramsey, except the tabloids over here are much more nosy and thus brutal.


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