Friday, September 28, 2007

Notes from a small island!

1. I received a leaflet under my door advertising the Norwich Green Party. I thought about Mr. Romanelli for a few minutes, and I shed a tear.

2. We were recently issued recycling bins, but we have not used them. I admire the way Londoners recycle: On every underground train, people leave their newspaper behind in a crevice between the top of the seat and the window. This allows one newspaper (most of them here are skanky tabloids, but I'm over that already) to be read by multiple people. In America, if you left a newspaper behind, you'd probably be yelled at by a transit worker or fined by a cop for littering.

3. The police in the UK can put you away for UK against eating and driving as well as smoking and driving. Apparently the fines are harsh too, up to a few thousand pounds. But at least they've decriminalized marijuana over here.

4. There is a good chance that I will be playing American Football for the Varsity equivalent team at the University of East Anglia. Expect me to gain fifty pounds of pure muscle within the next few months.

5. My new favorite beer is John Smith's. The days of only drinking red wine may have come to a close. John Smith's reminds me so much of Kilkenny, which was my favorite beer from the good ole days of working at Bruxelles in Dublin, Ireland.

*Note: The reason for my lack of updates is that I've been trying to get my act together in terms of settling into school. Prior to departing for the UK, I was deciding between taking two different courses (Creative Entrepreneurship and Creative Writing), but now that I have arrived here, I am confident that I can handle taking both courses simultaneously. The British Higher Education system is not used to someone requesting to take two courses at once, so I am hoping to do everything possible to become a maverick student at UEA. The Creative Writing program here is world renowned and the Creative Entrpreneurship course is new and highly innovative. I am hoping that I can have a chance to partake in both opportunities.