Monday, September 3, 2007

Norwich witch is which?

I've arrived in Norwich, UK safely. This was the first time that I've taken a transcontinental flight without a baby screaming at some point during the duration of the flight. Perhaps this was Divine intervention, or perhaps my luck is simply changing. I visited the University of East Anglia, referred to as "The UEA" though I've mistakenly been referring to it as simply "UEA" for the past few months, oops. I was inspired to go to this school because of Marc Lapadula, my first ever screenwriting teacher. I've realized that eating healthy foods here will be a challenge, but I am ready to face the beast. I am here with the indefatigable Alex Weinstein, who will be finding a job (the few bars we inquired at were all hiring). I am jet lagged, but not bitter. The future looks bright, except for the rain forecast for tomorrow...but that wasn't surprising. Fall is my favorite season, by far. I love fall, and it is already fall here, so I hope it lasts forever!

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