Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (turn and face the strain)

Ups downs outs abouts. There's a movie out called This is England. I won't see this movie though, because for me, right now, my life is England. I've been forgetful about my experiences in this part of the world - since I was last here in 2005 for an amazing Thanksgiving week in London.

Food: I've been known as a foodie my entire life. In fact, this year, on our Royal Caribbean cruise ship in March, I coined the term "diagonal" to refer to my eating everything in a diagonal line that was offered on the menu. But, since then, things have changed as I have become much more health-conscious. It's so difficult to eat right here. For instance, at lunch yesterday, I ordered a salmon sandwich with cucumber. The packaging on the sandwich clearly said "No Mayo" - I was a bit surprised to see that despite the "No Mayo" claim, my sandwich still had butter spread along the inside. Yuck. And I succumbed to chips (french fries) with dinner two nights ago, after avoiding them for well over a couple of months.

Never again! That was my thought when I ate fast food pizza yesterday from some kebab place - by far the worst single pizza I've ever eaten in my entire life. I ordered a "seafood" pizza to get some protein and though it was supposed to consist of shrimps (prawns), tuna, and anchovies, all I could taste was the complete saltiness of the latter. I must move on, as thinking about this grease-fest is unbearable.

Goal for today: Find a place to live and start applying for jobs. Having hung out with some locals last night, they all discouraged me from bartending, and encouraged me to work as a waiter. Apparently it's easy to get both type of jobs at this time of year, but bartenders make minimum wage (5.35 pounds - I don't know where the pound key is on the keyboard), while waiters make about 8 pounds per hour because Brits tip about 10% of meals and 0% on drinks.

My goodness my Guinness. I succumbed to two Guinnesses last night as well. They were glorious, and the days of Wino-Me-Morse may have come to an abrupt end.

Has this turned into a British food blog? Uh-oh.

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