Friday, August 17, 2007

What's in a name?

For the first 21 years of my life, I have been known affectionately by variations of my name, SRM, SM Cool (age 6), Grandma, The Captain, and a variety of other names. But one nickname resonates with me more than the others. That name is Morsels, and I want to make the name mine. And now, i think I will. I do enjoy the name Morse immensely, but having the name Morsels gives me the benefit of retaining the Morse within it and also allowing myself to be called by another of my favorite nicknames. There are too many Morse's in the world, and not enough Morsels, so I'd like to differentiate myself from the pack.

Yes, I invented the surname Morsels. But Morse has only been in my family for 50 years, since my grandpa changed our name from one that is much more ethnic, Moskowitz. Thus, I have no obligation to live with Morse forever.

Though I haven't been overt about it with my parents, I was never really fond of the name Stephen. It is too commonplace for me, and I always had to contend with other Stephen's (even though they're usually spelled Steven) in my classes growing up. I don't like being just another Stephen, regardless of how it's spelled. I want to be me. So after many hours of research in the library of the Brandeis-Bardin Institute, I decided that the name Sidney fit me a lot more than Stephen. Stephen means"crowned" like a king, but I am not a king of anything, and I don't desire to ever be one. I'm an independent, not a monarchist.

Stephen Robert Morse is perhaps the most Anglo-Saxon-sounding name in the world. And I am neither Anglo nor Saxon, at least not yet anyway.

And yes, my ego takes a hit every time I Google the name Stephen Morse and some web-site designer is the first hit and the Professor of Law and Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania is up there too and some genetics researcher at Yale and some poet from California who all had a twenty or thirty or forty year head start on me to make themselves known. And there's some rock musician from the mid-West named Steve Morse, but I never went by Steve anyway so it doesn't hurt me as much.

I'm not asking people I've already known to call me anything but the names they already know me by, but the grandfather clause is optional, and should you decide to call me Sid, Sidney, Morse, Morsey, or Morsels, I will answer.

On the bright side, if you ever are disappointed after googling yourself, check this out.

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