Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Paul Simon Cover Band

Is anyone else interested in starting a Paul Simon cover band? I explicitly say Paul Simon rather than Simon and Garfunkel, because I've heard from numerous inside sources that Garfunkel is not a particularly nice man. And Simon wrote all of the music and lyrics anyway, so it should be ok.

But a major problem is that I don't play guitar. Maybe I can just manage said band.

There appears to already be an Italian Paul Simon cover band with the witty title, Graceband, but these Italian rockers are anything like the other Italians I've encountered in my extensive travels to the Old Country, then it's probably horribly disorganized and unreliable.

Please express interest to sidneymorsels at gmail

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Claudio Maffei said...

Ciao Sidney,
Graceband was only a funny band for fun... Our goal wasn't the perfect show but just to let people have fun, and this was.
Greetings from Italy.

Claudio Maffei