Sunday, August 19, 2007

A hell of a town...

Stephen Morse: Sidney Morsels
New Amsterdam: New York

Figure it out.

Some weekend ramblings:

1. I just ate pizza at 3:00am, and I would never have eaten this pizza at 3:00pm, because it would have looked to gross for words, but it was good.

2. Tip taxi drivers well, especially when they make it 40 blocks without hitting a single red light.

3. In Philadelphia, I've noticed that Market Street has been sub-named "Avenue of Technology" in an attempt to be like New York in that 6th Avenue is the "Avenue of the Americas" etc. There is no technology on Market Street in Philly except for the El that has been around for a hundred years.

4. Please add this establishment to your RSS feed, if you believe in RSS feeds.

5. I've drank my last beer, from now on it is only red wine for me (lots of flavanoids and reservatols according to Men's Health, the best magazine ever invented).

6. Perhaps the most interesting non-incident of the evening was observing a drunk bar attendee peeing on the door of what looked to be an Asian-Porno-Club, and when the bouncer stepped outside, he was unknowingly urinated on by the drunk clubber doing his bees wax.

To sleep, and beyond.

New York and Sidney Morsels will always have a paradoxical relationship. It may never be right, ever.

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