Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back after a brief hiatus...

As many of you already know, I cracked the screen of my laptop some time in May, and waited until now to have it repaired. I am very happy with the service that TechRestore provided, and I now have my laptop aka my baby back with me.

I am back in Oceanside for a few days before departing for the UK on Sunday, September 2nd. Two nights ago, I went with Koller to see Superbad. It was good. I understand the hype - but what I noticed (in a theatre where we were surrounded by 10-15 year olds, some of whom haven't yet achieved puberty according to the high tones of their laughs) was that some of the jokes were way too far above the plebians' heads. And for that, I appreciated the film.

I thought that with my retirement from 34th Street Magazine that my days as a movie critic were over. This is not based in fact, as I now find myself critiquing movies more than ever, only without an official audience.

I've totally transformed myself into the quintessential arthouse flick dork. In Philly, I had the Ritz Theatres and on Long Island I have the Malverne Cinema. For a variety of reasons including overcrowding, rowdy/uninterested audiences, and the poor/stupid quality of films, I've decided that from this point forward, I will no longer step foot in mainstream movie theatres or multiplexes. Radical, huh? Well, I've always been somewhat of a maverick.

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